Weekly Learning Resources Videos

At Biblearc Courses, we aim to equip the church to follow Jesus through the faithful and precise study of his Word. Learning to follow Jesus through the Bible is a lifelong endeavor. God's Word is so big and so diverse that we can always grow in skillfully applying tools like arcing as we read the Bible to know Jesus more. That's why we created Biblearc's Learning Resources. These videos provide examples from all over Scripture of how to study God's Word faithfully and accurately through the Bible study tools we teach and provide at Biblearc.
Each Wednesday, we will release a short two-minute takeaway video that summarizes our study. You can interact with us on Facebook by commenting on the video with questions and insights. On this page, we will also provide the full lesson video that walks through how to study a specific part of God's Word faithfully and accurately.

This Week: Hebrews 1:1-4, pt. 2
"The New Testament is not Better than the Old"
Two-Minute Takeaway
Full Lesson
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