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Teach Gospel Living
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Lord of the Sabbath?
Unity, Election, and Life
God's Promise of Eternal Life
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If... Then
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When Passages Are Unclear
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The Good Life
Freedom from Financial Fear
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Israel, Turn from Sin to the Lord
Steps for Bracketing a Book of the Bible
God's Name Will Be Great among the Nations
God's Apostle Sends Grace and Peace from God to Those in Christ
Do Not Be Faithless
Follow the Principle of Modesty

The 10 Commandments in Context

See the Light of God's Salvation
Respond to Christ's Birth with Passion, Proclamation, and Praise
Christmas Is for Sinners
Zechariah's Prophetic Hope
How The Church is Included in the Old Testament
Magnifying the Lord with the Lowly
The Circular Result of Blessing the Lord
Believing Leads to Rejoicing, Even in Trials
A Godly Married Woman Will Focus on Her Family and Her Home
Mutual, Self-Giving Love Is the Only Appropriate Response to the Gospel
What Confession of Sin to a Righteous God Looks Like
God's Wisdom Will Be Vindicated in the End
Suffering before Glory: The Servant Isn't Greater Than the Master
Don't Give Up Glory for Worthlessness!
Jesus Is the Father's Spirit-Filled Son
Choose to Worship/Serve the Lord
The Heart of the Reformation, Part 2
The Heart of the Reformation, Part 1
Men: Pray in Church; Ladies: Dress Respectably and Learn Quietly
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Dedicate Yourself to Your Local Church for the Eternal Glory of Christ
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Our Job Is to Trust and Love Our Savior
It Is Simple: We Need the Gospel

God Strengthens You for the Sake of Others
The Old Testament Is for You
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Praise God for Pouring out Blessings on Us
Fulfill the Law of Christ by Restoring Others