Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in coaching?

With coaching, we take the initiative to help you see your course to the end. When you enroll in a course, you will let your coach know the best ways to be in contact with you. Your coach will typically check-in with you a couple times each week until you finish Lesson 1, since we have found that, often times, the toughest part is getting in a rhythm and not being intimidated by the assignment. After Lesson 1, your coach will continue to track you, usually on a weekly basis, while also giving you personal feedback on your assignments. When you come to the final assessment, your coach will be praying for you and rooting you on. And whether you pass or fail, your coach will reach out to discuss your next steps. Of course, working through the lessons and completing the assignments still falls on you. And you must also be responsive to your coach. (After a reasonable number of attempts to reach out without success, the burden will fall on you to reconnect with your coach to let him know you are back in communication.) But we believe you will find that having someone intentionally encouraging you and praying for you will serve your success in our courses.

Why don’t you have multiple enrollment levels as before?

We have redesigned our courses with the aim of helping students finish. The large majority of students who chose Audit (and even Feedback) enrollment on the previous platform did not complete their courses. Therefore, we have done away with what doesn’t work well and introduced rewards to keep things very affordable for motivated students.

Is this new subscription add-on model more expensive than your previous platform?

That depends on you.
If you intend to take 4+ months or more to complete a single course, then it is more expensive.
If, on the other hand, you finish a course within two months, the price is equal to Discussion enrollment on the old platform while including more helps along the way (like coaching!). Then, if you continue on to another course, your first month is free with rewards, making that second course half the price of the first. And you can go further. In fact, if you are diligent to complete a course each month, you can take all of our courses, but only pay for a single month! That will make things far more inexpensive!
You can also get a 40% discount by subscribing on an annual basis.

I am enrolled on the old platform. Will I be able to complete my course there?

Yes. We will continue to facilitate outstanding enrollments on the old platform for the next couple months

I am enrolled on the old platform. Can I transfer my enrollment to here?

We will continue to facilitate outstanding enrollments on the old platform for the next couple months. However, there are good reasons to move over. Thus, if you have been an active student on the old platform of late and would like to continue here, we will refund your enrollment on the previous platform proportionately after you get the Online Courses add-on and contact us to make this request.
For example, if you are active with Feedback enrollment on the old platform and are half-way through the course, we will refund you $18 after you get the Online Courses add-on and contact us. We will also move your place in the course to coincide with where you left off on the old platform.

Do proficiency badges earned on the old platform count toward reward #4 (subscription for life)?


What are my options if I am midway through a course and need to take a few months off?

Good news! Your progress and completed work are preserved, even when your Online Courses subscription add-on is not active. Thus, you have the option of freezing your progress by temporarily cancelling your Online Courses subscription add-on. Then, when you are ready to begin again, you can reactivate the add-on and pick up where you left off.

When will all fifteen of the Path Courses be available?

New Path Courses are currently in production! Our plan is to add a new course every few months with the hope that all fifteen of the originally planned Path Courses will be released by the end of 2020.

Is there an order to the Path Courses that I should follow?

Yes. Both the series (designated by color) and individual courses are ordered from easiest to most advanced. That being said, which series you choose is dependent on your needs, and within a series everyone is welcome to take any available Path Course along the spectrum unless a specific prerequisite is listed. We also have developed suggested tracks which you may want to consider.
We recognize that people with a variety of experience and proficiency in Bible study take our courses and therefore have tried to provide options that will allow everyone to take a step forward in their path to deeper study of the Word.

When do courses begin?

Right now! You can begin a course whenever you wish and go at a pace that fits your schedule. But this does not mean our courses are without accountability or motivation. You will be provided with an individual coach to encourage you, answer questions, and help you keep moving forward. You will also receive personal feedback on your assignments.

Are scholarships available for Path Courses?

If you live in a developing country and are unable to enroll without a scholarship, we invite you to contact us with your request.

There are books and other resources referenced in my course. Am I required to read/buy them?

There are no required purchases for any courses. However, we do recommend several resources throughout the lessons which you may want to consider.

Is a Facebook account required to enroll?

No social media accounts are required to participate in any of our courses.

After I have completed a course, can I go back and review my work and the course material?

General course content is public and can be viewed anytime, with or without a subscription. After completing a course, your work and instructor feedback will continue to be accessible to you indefinitely, even if you cancel your Online Courses add-on.

What is the best way for members of a family to take a class together, if all members want to do the assignments?

Each person who wishes to receive individual feedback on their assignments will need their own enrollment.

I would like to restart from the beginning including all assignments. How do I restart the course and have a fresh start?

No problem. Just contact us and explain the reason for your request.

How do I contact my coach?

Your coach will be in contact with you on a regular (typically weekly) basis. Feel free to respond to those communications and interact with your coach. Please just keep those interactions focused on questions and topics related to the course.

I have turned in the first assignment. Can I move on to the next lesson even before I receive feedback on my work?

Yes. You will be alerted via email when there is feedback on your assignment.

What does a proficiency badge look like and how do I know when I earn one?

Proficiency badges are visually based on the signpost of the course they are associated with. After your assessment attempt is evaluated, you will receive an email telling you whether you have passed or failed. For those who pass a course evaluation, the associated proficiency badge will appear on the about square of their published pages feed and on each of their published pages. It will also appear within the main app menu on

Can I use the course material as a basis for a class at church?

Absolutely. You are free to use all public content on our courses (the parts you can see when not logged in) so long as it is a local class and not offered online.

Didn't get your question answered? No problem. Just send us a note.