Interpretation: Live!

Seeking a Biblical Hermeneutic

Books and courses on interpreting the Bible abound in our day. What makes this course unique?

Answer: Our instructor is the Scripture itself.

In this course, you will learn how to read the Bible as the Bible itself demands to be read. In other words, this course will teach you to derive your hermeneutic of the Bible from the Bible, discovering the interpretive principles that the Bible itself sets forth—all that we might know God’s glory in Christ more as we allow the Word of God to be both our teacher and our textbook.

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My prayer is that God would use this course to bring more and more people into the sway of Scripture’s own way of reading Scripture.
Pastor John Piper

A Live Course

Interpretation: Seeking a Biblical Hermeneutic is a live course. Each week, students will read through one lesson, meet together in a virtual classroom via Zoom, and complete an assignment. Students who enroll should expect to attend virtual classes and complete each lesson and assignment on time. During the live class time, a teacher will present new content based on that week’s lesson, facilitate group discussions, and lead students through class projects that apply the skills and knowledge taught by the lesson. Students will also be able to sign up for one-on-one coaching times with the teacher.
Students should expect to spend about five hours per week on this course.
Interpretation: Live! - Course Syllabuspdf
This syllabus details the objectives, requirements, and schedule for the live course.


The course kicks off May 20th and 21st with live class times. Following this kick-off, the weekly schedule will be as follows:
  1. Sunday–Thursday // Read the lesson content (about two hours)
  2. Thursday at 8pm ET or Friday at 1pm ET // Participate in the live class (about 1.5 hours)
  3. Friday–Saturday // Complete the assignment (about one hour)
Students can sign up for one of the two class times upon enrollment. Assignments are due by Saturday at 11:59 pm ET.
Course Kick-off
Lesson 1: Laying the Foundation
Lesson 2: Interpretation is Moral
Lesson 3: Seeking a Biblical Hermeneutic
Lesson 4: Understanding the Context
Lesson 5: Literary Genres
Lesson 6: Using the Four Branches of Theology
Lesson 7: Christ as the Key to Interpretation
Lesson 8: The Right Use of Scripture
Lesson 9: The Heart of Interpretation
Lesson 10: Tools for Interpretation


It is no secret that I love BibleArc. Among the many reasons, one is the radical devotion to doing all things according to the Bible. That includes even doing biblical interpretation according to the Bible. That conviction is behind the course, Interpretation: Seeking a Biblical Hermeneutic. My prayer is that God would use this course to bring more and more people into the sway of Scripture’s own way of reading Scripture.
-Pastor John Piper
Biblearc is offering to help you look at the Book. Carefully interpreting the Bible is thrilling because it helps you know and worship God. And only God satisfies. You most glorify God when he most satisfies you. He’s better than sex and shopping and new iPhones and hot pizza and chocolate and money and power and anything else your heart may crave. God reigns, saves, and satisfies through covenant for his glory in Christ. That is what you get to see from so many angles when you look at the Book. And when you understand the Bible better, the praise gets richer.
Dr. Andy Naselli
"Taking time to focus on the fundamentals of biblical interpretation is like taking time to sharpen your axe. A sharpened axe is much more effective at chopping wood. Sharpened biblical exegetes are more faithful and efficient in their understanding and teaching of Scripture. This new Biblearc course on biblical interpretation is a great way to sharpen your hermeneutical skill."
– Dr. Robert L. Plummer