Welcome to Biblearc Courses
Equipping the church to follow Jesus by faithfully studying his Word.

Following Jesus on the path of his Word.

Our vision

Online training and Bible studies abound in our day. What makes Biblearc Courses unique? Why do we exist?
Biblearc Courses exists to equip the church to follow Jesus by faithfully studying his Word.

What we teach

There’s a reason that Biblearc features so prominently in our name, Biblearc Courses. Biblearc is like a workshop that provides the context and the tools for faithful Bible study and teaching. Biblearc Courses exists to equip the church to wield these tools faithfully and fruitfully. This is what makes us unique in the world of online Bible study education. We equip our students to dig deeper, read better, teach more faithfully, and learn more fruitfully with the tools provided at www.biblearc.com.

Who we teach

Biblearc Courses exists to serve the church. This includes individual Christians, schools, ministries, and agencies. But in all these efforts, our equipping ministry is ultimately geared towards serving local churches. As we train students, we hope to equip them to serve and bless their local churches, whether they are members, pastors, planters, deacons, missionaries, small group leaders, disciplers, teachers, etc.
As an online ministry, we want to serve local churches around the globe because we have heard about the all-sufficient Savior in his cosmic and universal gospel (Col 1:6, 15–23). Our hearts beat fastest when we think about serving churches in the Majority World, where access to the tools and training we provide is least available. We long to see Jesus magnified in all the world, especially in those places where his name has not yet been heard. So, our equipping efforts are especially geared towards this goal of serving churches in the Majority World.

Why we teach

We are an equipping ministry, not a merely educational ministry. What distinguishes these two kinds of ministry?
A merely educational ministry seeks only to teach content and pass on knowledge. An equipping ministry provides the tools necessary to do something. In this age of digital consumption, this is an essential difference. We do not want to puff up with knowledge but to build up with love. We do not want to grow in power and pride but to empower others in love. We do not want to produce fools but wise followers of Jesus, followers who then encourage others to follow them as they follow Christ.
So then, we equip churches to follow. Our content aims to give churches the tools to know God’s Word and so to obey God’s Word: to live worshiping God in Christ. We prepare students with these tools so that they can make disciples by teaching them all that Jesus has commanded in Scripture. We want to empower churches to live faithfully and fruitfully as those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes as he reveals his will in the path of his Word.
Finally, we must be clear that our aim centers on the Lord Jesus Christ. We equip churches to follow Jesus. We do not equip churches to follow a generic god or a specific idol. We equip them to know Jesus as God reveals him in Scripture and to make him known to others through Scripture. We equip the church to follow and to treasure and to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our core “Path Courses”

You will find several kinds of courses on our site as we continue to create new content. But our Path Courses represent the core work of our ministry. These courses equip students with the skills and knowledge to read the Bible faithfully and accurately. While many of our Path Courses have already been released, we have planned a number of other courses for the Path from simple courses on how to mark-up the text to advanced courses on original language exegesis. Below, you can find the Path Courses we have already released.

What’s included?

For each path course you take, we provide everything you need to learn well.
  • Quizzes
  • Practice areas
  • Personal feedback on assignments
  • Instructor’s work and video explanations after you turn in assignments
  • Personal coaching*
  • Regular Facebook Live events related to each course
  • End of course assessments
  • Progress rewards (see below)
* While you are free to enroll in multiple courses at once and/or complete them in rapid succession, coaching is restricted to one course/month.

Pricing: The Biblearc Subscription + Online Courses add-on

Biblearc toolbox + Unlimited courses

billed annually
billed monthly
Even our cost structure was thoughtfully redesigned in order to push you along. By making our courses available as an add-on to The Biblearc Subscription, students are naturally pushed to press forward (the longer you take, the more it costs!) instead of constantly pushing progress off.
See our FAQ for more details.

Facebook Live

Online learning does not mean learning alone. One way we invite you to interact is via our regular devotional discussions on Facebook Live. An instructor and guest host each event, while students are invited to ask real-time questions for us to address. This is a great way to keep things fresh and to keep your focus on the purpose you are taking our courses in the first place—seeing God’s glory and sitting beneath his wisdom through careful study of his word.
See the schedule of upcoming Facebook Live events and watch the archives on the Facebook Live page.


Our aim in these courses is not to facilitate a business, but rather to build the Church. So success, for us, is not measured by the number of paying students, but by the number of students who finish the courses. For this reason, we have built in lavish rewards to encourage you to work hard and press on. May you earn them all!


Looking for some guidance as to where to start, and where to go from there? Check out our suggested tracks.